A little about me

For more than a decade, I’ve been working for progressive candidates and causes here in Illinois, trying to make our home just a little bit better than it was yesterday.

People told me for a long while that I should stop complaining, and go run for office. I kept saying no, because the representatives we’ve had have been doing such a great job, there was no reason to run against them. Now that Sara Feigenholtz has decided to move to the Illinois Senate, we need to make sure this district continues to have a representative who will advocate for the people and move Illinois forward.

Working in the State’s Attorney’s Office back in law school gave me a firsthand view of our criminal justice system, and the number of ways we can be doing better; using programs such restorative justice and drug treatment instead of incarceration that keep our streets safe, are more effective, and less expensive.

Working with our kids as a proud alum of the Mikva Challenge, coaching mock trial students at a Chicago high school, and teaching kids about what it is to be an attorney through the Lawyers in the Classroom program, I am never less than amazed and humbled at the intelligence, insight, and potential of our youth. We have an obligation to give them every opportunity to expand their knowledge, and be the best adults we want being our doctors and nurses, teachers, and even politicians, so we make sure our society can thrive.

We cannot think about children without thinking about the environment. The environment must be a top priority. Whatever Washington DC decides to do (or not do), Illinois has so much potential on green energy. This is not just because we all need to breathe air and drink water, although that’s certainly important. It’s also because green energy can provide thousands of new jobs right here at home.

Everything is connected, and no policy stands alone. Criminal justice affects homelessness; environment affects the economy; education affects, well, everything. We need an advocate who can use these connections not to focus on any single issue, but to create comprehensive solutions to the problems in Illinois, and fight to enact policies that will move Illinois in the right direction. Throughout my experiences, I have thought about the ways in which these areas can be improved in Illinois. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with my community to envision a more prosperous future and to go to Springfield to make that happen.